Luca Perfetti

Born in Rho (MI) on December 10th, 1991.

Master degree in Architecture in July 2016, with a thesis entitled: “Photogrammetry for architecture: fish-eye lens for the surveying of narrow places. Test and trials on Milan’s Cathedral.”

From October 2016, apprentice in 3D Survey Group, he is collaborating on the survey and restitution of the indoors of Milan’s Cathedral. From November 2017, he became a Ph.D. Candidate in Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, winning the thematic scholarship entitled: “Image-based techniques for the 3D survey of complex environments in archaeology and cultural heritage. Development of low cost sensors for the automatic survey of indoor environments.”

  • Tel: +39 02 2399 6516/5120
  • Location: Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento A.B.C. - Edificio 15, Via Ponzio 31, 20133 Milano (Italy)