Doct. Arch. Cinzia Tommasi

Born in Segrate (MI) on October 28th, 1990.

She has a Master degree  in Architecture on 07/23/2014.  Post-graduate second-level Master on 05/2016.

From 02/16 to 10/16 she had a research fellowship entitled:”Interoperabilità tra dati di rilievo, software di modellazione e sistemi BIM con riferimento ai Beni Culturali. Interoperability between survey data, modelling software, and BIM systems in the Cultural Heritage field.” ICAR/06

On November 2016, she won a ministerial scholarship and became a PhD student. The theme of her research project is the use of  BIM process in the Cultural Heritage Field, focusing on the accuracy of the virtual models, the elaboration of point cloud data, the interoperability, the level of detail and information, and the different application of the models.

  • Tel: +39 02 23996516
  • Location: Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento A.B.C. - Edificio 15, Via Ponzio 31, 20133 Milano (Italy)