18 July 2023 – 31 December 2024

The project Atom ANT3D was selected for the Programma di Valorizzazione  “BOOSTECH.”  It is a program for the realization of patent valorization programs through the financing of Proof of Concept projects (PoC) financed by “Ministero dello sviluppo economico” (Mise).

BOOSTECH is the Enhancement Programme proposed by the Politecnico di Milano and financed within the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Mission 1 ‘Digitalisation, Innovation Competitiveness, Culture and Tourism’ – Component 2 ‘Digitalisation, Innovation and Competitiveness in the Production System’ – Investment 6 ‘Industrial Property System’ financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEU, for the economic support of 8 PoC projects lasting 18 months.

The AtomAnt3D project aims to complete the realization of Ant3D (Patent No.: 102021000000812 Granted on 24/01/2023)  while fulfilling the initial purposes for which it was designed. The objective is that of a tool capable of reconstructing the geometry of cramped and/or complex environments and, at the same time, allowing information to be referenced in the correct position in automatic and/or semi-automatic mode, thus becoming a true inspection and monitoring tool capable of making these two processes more sustainable and thus, in fact, for certain types of structures feasible. In fact, after AtomAnt3D, Ant3D will be able to work remotely, even without the aid of an operator, to provide real-time feedback on the acquisition to provide a geometric result (3D) in very fast times, more than halving today’s waiting times, and finally, to provide referenced information in real time relating to the object or objects on the scene. As always, Ant3D will be used in the fields of infrastructure, cultural heritage construction, industrial geology, mining, and forestry. Within the project, one or two specific areas of development will be identified among these (in relation to the fourth objective), depending above all on the greater commercial attractiveness of the tool in the very short term.








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