Valorisation and communication

The MiBACT (Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo – Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism) defines the “Valorisation of Cultural Heritage” as “the activities aimed to promote the knowledge of the national heritage, to ensure the best conditions of use and access of the culture to every person and stimulate the cultural development” (MiBACT, D.lgs. n°42, 2004, art. 6).

In this vision, the responsibility and the future of the research works should include not only the professionals of the field but also other subjects. Many national and international funding programs demand that: a research project operated and accessed only by experts is out of date and without future, in as much as its effectiveness is measured in terms of social and cultural impact on society (Tommasi, 2020).

This section aims to show some examples of initiatives for engaging a generic public in research (Meet me tonight), communicating research activities and results through social media (A.M.AL.PI.18), using 3D survey products for virtual tours (Sacri Monti), and creating social and cultural events for building communities.

All these examples contribute to disseminate the research values, engage with many targets, and valorise the activities, the processes and the results of our work.


Social media is an omnipresent part of everyday life. It provides users with an easy way to engage and connect with others without meeting face-to-face. A keyframe of social media is the “engagement”: find and connect with people with common interests.  This form of communication provides a lot of opportunities for companies and individuals to reach a massive audience, and lately also for researchers who want to promote their work. What is the purpose of social media, and how does it tie into science? Is there a benefit for sharing research across social media?

A.M.AL.PI18 as Interreg project requires a communication plan that fixes the strategy, the objetives, the target, the channels, and the content of the project’s dissemination.

Our group is part of the communication team as social media manager and web content creator.

We collaborate to plan and create the social media publications, and also to mediate the scientific results in products sharable between a generic audience.

Below, an example of the strategy adopted for A.M.AL.PI.18: the content of the project are divided in different themes, recognisable from the different layouts, and published weekly on the Facebook’s page.


Moreover, we are also producing a series of video showing the activties and results of the project (the first video is an example).

Another activity is to organise virtual events for disseminating the project also between local communities, citizens, experts, and people interested (watch the second video):


The first action of valorisation for Sacri Monti site was the summer school “Laboratory of places” (2018 and 2019 editions), where Sacro Monte di Domodossola became a living lab to experiment the Cultural Heritage conservation practices. One of the aims was to make the students understand the intangible values (social, cultural, engagement, and more) to increase their awareness of the knowledge required to start a valorisation process for Cultural Heritage and its territory. Read more about the topics and the activities in this section.

Another test run by 3D Survey Group was to create a virtual tour of Sacro Monte di Domodossola, implemented with the information and the representations acquired during the summer school. The digitalisation of Ch could be part of a larger communication strategy, as implementation of the channels available (website, social media). Such product would be useful to prepare people to the visit, have more and specific information about what they see on site, make the site more accessible to people with physical disabilities, and build a personalised path (people can select before what they want to visit).


In 2019, the ABC and DICA Departments at Politecnico di Milano decided to organise an inter-departimental cultural party before the summer-break with a new format: an international cooking challange between the PhD students and research fellows. The event aimed to foster social integration, team building, and each other knowledge. 

The event was a food competition, where people had the chance to taste national and international dishes cooked by PhD students and/or reserach fellows. In the end, 20 teams (more or less 43 participants) cooking meals from all around the world faced each other to win Polimi merchandising prizes from Polishop. A jury composed by Professors and Administration from ABC and DICA departments assigned prizes for two categories: Today’s Special (best taste), and Cultural Representative (best representative of the culture of a region or a country). A third prize about “Instagrammability” (best look) was assigned by popular vote through a real-time voting platform. Poliradio animated the event with speakers and music. 

The dishes were from:

-Italy (Sardinia, Sicily, Lombardy, Apulia, Oltrepò Pavese, Verona, Piedmont)








The event was a real success, thanks to all organisers of ABC Department (Prof, Marco Scaioni – PhD Head, Andrea Brambilla – ABC PhD representative, Cinzia Tommasi – ABC PhD 32nd cycle representative, Zehra Irem Turkseker – ABC PhD 34th cycle representative, and Tecla Caroli – ABC PhD 34th cycle representative), the DICA department (Prof. Alberto Guadagnini – PhD Head, Giulia Scelsi and Epari Ritesh Patro PhD representatives) the jury (Prof. Stefano della Torre, ABC Head, Prof. Marco Scaioni – ABC, Prof. Riccardo Barzaghi – DICA, Prof. Alessandra Zanelli – ABC , Ilaria Muratori, ABC PhD office), Poliradio, and all the participants that decided to get in the game and share their traditions with us.

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The University’s Third Mission consists in fostering the social, economic and cultural development of the territory of reference. This Mission works alongside the other two traditional ones: didactics and research.

Meet me tonight is an annual event that gives to universities the possibility to engage with public and share the knowledge, giving the people the chance to understand and learn the complex relationship between science, innovation and technology, and increasing their awareness in our practices.

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