Environmental & Territorial Survey


The Interreg Project AMALPI 18 promotes an innovative fruition and access strategy of Bregaglia-Valchiavenna-Moesa-Ticino through a geo-cultural and cross-border path that have its core.in the new Cross-border Center Grandi Frane Alpine della Valchiavenna.

The work group is currently engaged in the elaboration and the correct management of the data coming from laser scanner survey. The aim is to produce digital 3D models of the terrain useful for reconstructing and studying the effects caused by the landslide events. The focus area is Piuro city, considering both the built zone and the territory that is extended on the north and south mountain’s sides. 

The elaborations produced a point cloud data format of the terrain surface, which was processed through a GIS – Geographic Information System – software that permits to obtain  its 3D model. The latter is the “basis” where it will be possible to georeference the data coming from the other analyses in progress, and all the information needed for understanding the historic landslide of 1618.


Survey of the riverbed of the Mella river – railway bridge place Km 2+898 of the railway line Brescia-Edolo Iseo.

The survey was done with Leica 1200 GPS instrumentation for the detection of submerged section points and laser scanner (Leica HDS7000) for the survey of the banks. The use of the laser scanner with bare vegetation from foliage has however allowed to acquire a sufficient number of points to describe the trend of the banks, and then to identify the profile of the sections.

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