Duomo di Milano – THE BIM PROTOTYPE

A complex database system was created ad hoc for Veneranda Fabbrica and adapted to their operating mode. In particular the system work as a Cloud System  both inside  the modelling software and the Web, by saving all the necessary data in the specially designed database. The database contains and links all the information in the BIM system available for each object: physical and structural data, 3D model for the Web, 3D model for the modelling software, photos, videos, archives material, site information, history and any other information which may be requested.In this way all functions and access to information is available both through the Web and the modelling software; users can benefit from improved versatility of the system, as well as see in real time the updates made by any user by means of any instrument.

This BIM prototype perfectly combines a faithful representation of the reality (accuracy), with the data needed for the ordinary management of the restoration site underway. The systematic use of the system will allow to:

  • always work – both on the site and in the technical office – on the most up-to-date version of the object;
  • better design the interventions, immediate and constantly updated metric calculations;
  • cut overall costs: by monitoring the lifecycle of the objects, any interventions can be easily planned and maximized;
  • ensure a better quality output, recording start and end of works by means of easy-to-manage, flexible and automation-based documents;
  • automate some work phases; the digital model can be used for the manufacture/assembly of structural and decorative parts (including Reverse Engineering and prototyping);
  • ensure faster and more effective processes; all information being shared, this gives an added value to the intervention planning phase.


Immagine1 (960 x 527)

P118089sito (1701 x 947)

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