Duomo di Milano – Altars Project

Structural parts’ metric survey of Madonna dell’Albero’s and San Giovanni Bono’s altar.

The survey of the two Altars of the Duomo’s transept (about 40m high) returns their three-dimensional shape in all parts, focusing on the modelling and the metric survey of the stones that build the structure.

The survey integrated global techniques (as Laser scanning) for the parts free of scaffolding’s measurement and local techniques (as Close Range Photogrammetry) for the parts with scaffoldings that were no longer entirely detectable. The integration of the two methods has allowed the 360 ° coverage of the structure. The survey was designed for an average nominal restitution scale of 1:20. The survey technologies used the high-resolution laser scanner and the close range photogrammetry (digital cameras, self- calibration) for high precision’s close acquisitions.

Prospetto_Capocroce_Nord_SITO (2657 x 3107)

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