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3DSurveyGroup is a scientific unit, part of the ABC Department (ABC-Architecture, Built environment and construction engineering) of Politecnico di Milano

The main topics of its research activities are methodologies and technologies for survey and 3D reconstruction, mainly in Cultural Heritage and Environments. 

Specifically, its competencies cover the following domains:

  1. Architectural/Archaeological 3D survey methodologies (Topography, Aerial, Terrestrial and UAV Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning). 

  2. 3D real based modelling and BIM processes;

  3. 3D GIS and cartography;

  4. Structures monitoring;

  5. Virtual and Mixed reality;

  6. Valorisation of Cultural Heritage and communication of data, projects, and outputs

  7. 3D Information system platforms for Cultural Heritage
Cristiana Achille

Cristiana Achille

Associate Professor - Scientific Supervisor of 3D Survey Group
Cristiana's Bio
Cristiana is a Professor of Survey Techniques at Politecnico di Milano. Her research focuses on the survey and representation of Cultural Heritage and Urban context. In particular, she is interested in studying new technologies for survey and managing data. She obtained her master degree in Architecture in 1999 and the PhD in Geodetic and cartography Sciences, in 2003. Then, she became a researcher of Topography and Cartography, at Politecnico di Milano.  
Projects and Activities
She organises and trains at workshops and training courses c/o Politecnico of Milano for the architectural survey and preservation of Cultural Heritage (survey, data elaboration, data management). She has been involved in several projects at national and international level, topics: 3D accurate, complete and rapid survey of complex architectures and large monumental sites (Metropolitana di Napoli”; “Progetto Grande Guglia; “Progetto Spire 3D WEB BIM“; SMART Culture; L.I.F.E. @ Umm al-Dabadib Egypt). She is a member of the National Scientific Committee CSN ICOMOS Italy – CIPA – Heritage Documentation. She is also member of IIC, The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works – FIIC. She is the author of more than 90 publications.
Francesco Fassi

Francesco Fassi

Associate Professor - Scientifc Supervisor of 3D Survey Group

Francesco's Bio

Francesco is an associate professor of the ABC Departiment, in Politecnico di Milano. Since 2003, dedicated his research to survey techniques and methodologies in the field of Cultural Heritage.

He graduated in Engineering for Environment and Territory at Polytechnic of Milan in 2001. He got the Ph.D (awarded with honours) in Geodesy and Geomatics with a thesis entitled “Integration of traditional and innovative technologies for survey and modelling of cultural heritage.”

Projects and Activities

He has being involved in several survey research jobs acquiring great experience in the field of the “measure” and great sensitivity to the problems associated with the acquisition and processing of data for the expeditious but comprehensive survey of Cultural Heritage. Today senior researcher (Type RTDB) He is currently participating to the following projects:

  • Milan cathedral survey modelling and BIM design
  • The “SanMarco3D Project”
  • Survey of manufacturing and hand-made structures came to the light during the excavations of underground Naples.
  • O.A.S.I.S. Project (Old Agricultural Sites and Irrigation Systems)
  • LiFE project

Member of ICOMOS Italia. He has more than 80 publications.

Luca Perfetti

Luca Perfetti

PhD Candidate

Luca's Bio

Born in Rho (MI) on December 10th, 1991.

Master degree in Architecture in July 2016, with a thesis entitled: “Photogrammetry for architecture: fish-eye lens for the surveying of narrow places. Test and trials on Milan’s Cathedral.”

From October 2016, apprentice in 3D Survey Group, he is collaborating on the survey and restitution of the indoors of Milan’s Cathedral. From November 2017, he became a Ph.D. Candidate in Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, winning the thematic scholarship entitled: “Image-based techniques for the 3D survey of complex environments in archaeology and cultural heritage. Development of low cost sensors for the automatic survey of indoor environments.”

Simone Teruggi

Simone Teruggi

PhD Candidate

Simone's Bio

Born in Borgomanero (NO) on February 2nd, 1989.

Bachelor’s degree in architecture in September 2015 with a thesis entitled: “Virtual Reality and Cultural Heritage: An Oculus Rift application for Milan’s Cathedral”.

Master’s degree in architecture in December 2018 with a thesis entitled: “Un progetto per Bovisa: la piazza dei servizi”.

From March 2019 he is collaborating with 3D Survey Group on the restitution and optimization of survey data for 2D drawings of Milan’s Cathedral. From May 2019 he has a fellowship entitled “AMALPI. Reconstruction of 4D DTM. Topographic and iconographic data processing”.

Projects and Activities

He collaborates in the restitution of 2d technical drawings from survey data and he is working in the INTERREG project Italia Svizzera 2014-2020 AMALPI.

Federica Marotta

Federica Marotta

PhD Candidate

Federica's Bio

Born in Piacenza (PC) on August 19th, 1994.

After a Clarinet diploma in 2013, she obtained a Master degree in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering in April 2019, with a thesis entitled “Crop rows detection from UAV images”. Lifelong fond of nature, from November 2019 she became a Ph.D. candidate at the Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering Department, winning the thematic scholarship entitled “Digitalization and Modeling of risk areas at the border territory. Understanding the past to save the future” as part of the Interreg Project Italia Svizzera 2014-20120 A.M.AL.PI.18.

Projects and Activities
She is working in the Interreg Project Italia Svizzera 2014-2020 A.M.AL.PI.18. The specific aim of the research concerns the scientific mediation of the new technologies for a massive use and promotion of the cultural and natural heritage.

Franco Spettu

Franco Spettu

Research Fellow

Franco's Bio

Born in Cagliari, 4th of June 1990.

In September 2016 graduated in Science of Architecture, University of Cagliari. In April 2020 obtained the master degree in Architectural Design and History, Politecnico di Milano – Mantova Campus with the thesis: “Towards a new approach to BIM for Cultural Heritage: a framework for the reverse engineering of Milan Cathedral”.

From June 2020 is research fellow on the project: “A new Web platform to support maintenance activities for the Milan Cathedral”.

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