Surveying the past with micron resolution

Different use of the LMI Technologies Gocator 3504 ( Gocator® 3D Smart Sensors ) to scan a group of ten cuneiform tablets owned by the University of Ghent (Belgium) within the frame of the doctoral research of Mirko Surdi. The tablets date back to the Third Dynasty of Ur (2112-2004 BC) and come from ancient Mesopotamia (modern Iraq). Cuneiform wedges can be seen in the ultra-high definition for the first time! Using the technology of the 21st century on ancient documents of the 21st century BC will reveal groundbreaking insights into the palaeography of cuneiform writing. Prof Francesco Fassi (3DsurveyGroup – Politecnico di Milano), Prof. Fausta Fiorillo (Politecnico di Milano), and Ph.D. candidate Sara Antinozzi (Università degli Studi di Salerno) are testing scanner techniques and micro-photogrammetry for a more complete and detailed knowledge of the little artifacts.

The first experiments were also presented during 3DArch conferences in Mantova. Read more on the scientific publication (Best paper award!!) and stay tuned for the next results and research development!

A special thanks to the friends of IMAGE S company for their help and generosity!!!

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