Laboratory of Places 2019 – 8th Edition

From the 22nd to the 31st of July, 3D Survey Group organised the summer school “Laboratory of Places” at Sacro Monte Calvario di Domodossola, as the previous edition. In fact, the summer school born in 2011 and was located in the rural village of Ghesc until 2017.

During these 10 days of full program, the students learnt how to use advanced survey techniques and tools for the conservation and safeguard of Cultural Heritage,  in a broader and interdisciplinary vision of knowledge and valorisation. In particular, the main topics were:

-Digital images
-Digital cameras
-Shooting tricks

-Main concepts of photogrammetry
-Photogrammetric pipeline
-Capture geometry
-Inner orientation
-Exterior orientation
-Dense image matching process

-Active and passive sensors
-Optical sensors
-Operating principles: TOF and phase shift
-Instrumental characteristics
-Project of laser scanner survey
-Scan resolution
-Point cloud principles: geometry, reflectivity and colour
-Point cloud registration: topography and ICP
-Errors in point clouds
-Data processing: from point cloud to drawings

-Survey project
-Scale of representation
-Measure and accuracy
-Theory of errors
-Angles and distances
-Total Station
-Topographic Network

-Mapping material and decay on orthoimages: why and methods.

Understand the intangible values (social, cultural, engagement, and more) to increase their awareness of the knowledge required to start a valorisation process for Cultural Heritage and its territory.

The international and interdisciplinary team reflected the objectives and purposes of the summer school:

Photography: Geert Verhoeven
Photogrammetry: Francesco Fassi, Luca Perfetti, Geert Verhoeven
Laser Scanning: FaustaFiorillo, Belen Jimenez Fernandez-Palacio
Topography: Cristiana Achille, Francesco Fassi
Conservation and mapping: Sonia Pistidda
Drawing and Modelling: Alessandro Mandelli, Cinzia Tommasi
Valorisation and Fruition: Richard Laing, MarianthyLeon, CinziaTommasi
UAV Survey: Alessandro Mandelli, Geert Verhoeven, Francesco Fassi

We want to thank the Head of Ente di Gestione Sacri Monti Dr. Elena De Filippis and all her staff  for their support, passion, and enthusiasm. 

Enjoy the photo gallery below, and we wait for you in the next edition 2020 with lots of news!

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Are you curious to visit the top part of Sacro Monte di Domodossola? Let’s move inside the tour below, where we stored some of the outputs of the summer school:

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