PoliMI, 3D Survey, and SUPSI, work in progress…

In the previous posts, we showed the beginning of the INTERREG PROJECT AMALPI 2018. That post was not the first time that we mentioned Piuro and its landslide of 1618 (remember the SUPERQUARK experience?).

During July,  Politecnico di Milano – 3D Survey Group, and SUPSI Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana organised some meetings. The work group is currently engaged in the elaboration and the correct management of the data coming from laser scanner survey. The aim is to produce digital 3D models of the terrain useful for reconstructing and studying the effects caused by the landslide events. The focus area is Piuro city, considering both the built zone and the territory that is extended on the north and south mountain’s sides. 

The elaborations produced a point cloud data format of the terrain surface, which was processed through a GIS – Geographic Information System – software that permits to obtain  its 3D model. The latter is the “basis” where it will be possible to georeference the data coming from the other analyses in progress, and all the information needed for understanding the historic landslide of 1618.

Check some images of the work in progress and elaborations!

From the left in the foreground: Eng. Massimiliano Cannata and Eng. Alessio Spataro – SUPSI. On the back: Eng. Francesco Fassi and the research fellow Simone Teruggi – POLIMI.

Ortographic view (plan) of the point cloud data, detail of the single + last echo.

Isometric view of the surveyed area, data came from the removal of vegetation and anthropic elements.

Ortographic view of the 3D model of the terrain obtained by the triangulation of the surveyed points.

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