On March, 12th we were invited from Museo Egizio of Turin to the inauguration of the exhibition “Archeologia Invisibile”,

The project Archeologia Invisibile aims to explore the fascinating dimension of the modern survey technologies (in the broad sense of the term all the instruments that let to run any scientific analyses on an object) applied in the field of Egyptology. These tools permit to reveal the invisible sides of the material heritage, which would have otherwise inaccessible elements and information. In this sense, archeometry – the whole techniques used for studying the materials, the production methods, and the conservation history of the findings – makes possible to question the objects, asking to a vase, a mummy, or a sarcophagus, who they are and why today they are inside Museo Egizio of Turin.

What is our contribution? The first step to take for studying the findings is the accurate 3D documentation of the object, its scenario, and its context. Our experience of last year in the Saqqara excavation campaign 2018 (that is actually in progress also this year), started a scientific collaboration between Politecnico di Milano and Museo Egizio.

Inside the project Archeologia Invisibile, our contribution was the scanner and photogrammetric survey of the Butehamon’s Coffin and the elaboration of a reality-based model in 1:1 scale. Starting from the 3D digital model it was possible to print it in 1:1 scale and use it inside the exhibition as base for an emotional micro-mapping installation.

This manifestation fully valorises survey data and the process of 3D documentation: you can make an immersive navigation of the Saqqara excavation site or discover the inscriptions and the analyses on Butehamon’s Coffin.

The exhibition will be open until January 6th, 2020. Below, you can find the video that summarises the inauguration day:

Museo Egizio’s post and behind the scenes video:

Some photos of the inauguration day:

Press sources:


Stay tuned and follows with us the new Saqqara excavation campaign 2019, started from last week:

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