NEWS – Discover more about our work in Saqqara

It’s Digging Diary time! Since we started our mission in Saqqara, Egypt, every friday you were updated through the digging diaries by Museo Egizio di Torino, and through their facebook page.

As we already promised you, this week is our turn to tell more about our work, along with Paolo del Vesco.

Are you curious to read the story from our point of you?

“The Group’s main task at Saqqara is to survey the concession and the excavation…. but, as simple as it may seem, is nevertheless done in an innovative and ground-breaking way providing 3D metric and accurate representations nearly real-time during the excavation and 2D orthorectified images immediately after the daily fieldwork. All this information are then uploaded in the new Saqqara information system which will represent an extremely useful tool not only during the recording phase on the field but also, at a later stage, to re-elaborate the information, share it with pottery, human remains, wood or architecture specialists in a collaborative environment, and disseminate it to the wider public.
During the first week of work [continue to read here]”

Stay tuned, and enjoy the gallery above that we will constantly update with new photos!

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