NEWS – Our mission in Saqqara, Egypt

On March, 20th, our team members Francesco Fassi and Alessandro Mandelli join the annual excavation campaign promoted by Museo Egizio di Torino in Saqqara, Egypt.

Our job will be to survey the tombs and the findings, and to help to calculate and analyse the results of the future excavations.

Follow us through the digging diaries by Museo Egizio, out every Friday here. Our adventure will be also posted in the Facebook page of  Museo Egizio  and in our page 3D Survey Group.

The diary of the first week by the director of the research project Lara Weiss, is already out:

Saqqara, 23rd March 2018
This year the Leiden-Turin team received all necessary permissions to excavate in Sakkara at the very last moment.
We expect an exciting season in which the new team hopes to better understand the area to the north of the tomb of Maya [continue the reading here].”

Stay Tuned!

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