ACRE International workshop – II edition – February 12th – 16th 2017, Acre (Israel)

The series of international workshops in Acre aim to acquaint the participants and the residents of Acre with cultural architectural sites of the old city. During the workshops, chosen sites will be documented and presented in architectural drawings, as well as three-dimensional models. The previous workshop focused on the Han Elomdan with the fisherman’s plaza.
The focus of this year was the El Sha’abi bath house in the old city of Acre. The participants created a documentation of the bath house using the latest digital tools for survey, like photogrammetry and laser scanning. Then the students suggested several design proposals for reuse and conservation.

The goal of the workshop was to integrate the survey and project stage in the enhancement process of Cultural Heritage. The synergy between the two disciplines allows to broadcast an in-depth knowledge and awareness of CH and promotes the realization of continuity and coexistence between ancient trails and structure of the contemporary city.

The documentation of the city and its architectures through the survey and the strengthening through the design represent different activities of an architect and are both parts of the process of architectural preservation and planning in World Heritage Cities.

The workshop was divided into two parts: the first part is related to the survey and initial data processing of some relevant masterpieces of Acre old city center, according with the International Conservation Center – Città di Roma in Acre. In this second phase the cognitive element is synthesized in virtual reconstructions that are the outcome of the first phase of instrumental survey, both the basis of subsequent processing composition, designed to verify the possibility of transformation of places by weaving new relations between ancient tracks and contemporary city.

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