Laboratory of Places 2017.

Registration is now open for summerschool:

NEWS! Laboratory of Places 2017 Ghesc and surroundings History, survey, evolution. Summer School: Surveying Cultural Heritage”. VI EDITION.

As the past editions, the school is organized by Politecnico di Milano – Department A.B.C. Architecture Build Environment, Construction Engineering – 3Dsurvey Group Laboratory with the kindly support of ICOMOS ITALIA. This year the workshop is also supported by ISPRS (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing)and it is proudly recognized as a international event from our scientific community. Special thanks also to our sponsor Leica Geosystems, Open Technologies  e GEOSTUDIO RC.

Download the flyer here!!

Important Dates:
Date and Location:  26.07.2017 – 04.08.2017 in Ghesc
Registration before: 30 April 2017.
Communication of acceptance: 15 may 2017

The official language is English.

The program includes both practical and theoretical lessons.
Main topics involving in-depth study will be 3D Survey Techniques applied to Cultural Heritage, TLS (Terrestrial Laser Scanner) instrumentation and Close Range Photogrammetry techniques.
During the course, data will be elaborated in the field in order to assure complete training for the students. For more info about the Teaching Program and didactic Mission please read HERE.

During the school, the participants will be divided into groups. A  final examination, which consists in a public presentation of the group work, is scheduled on the last day of the workshop.
All course participants are encouraged to bring: a personal laptop (with mouse) and a digital camera. More detailed practical info will be communicated to the participants.

Scheduled evening seminars:

Dott. Maurizio Cesprini
“Ossola Valley Architecture – Building techniques”

Arch. Paolo Volorio
“Ossola Valley Architecture – History and evolution”

Dott. Marta Caroselli
“Ancient plasters and mortars”

Ing. Francesco Fassi – Arch. Alessandro Mandelli
“Online visualization techniques – “BIM system for Cultural Heritage”


Prof.ssa Cristiana Achille
Prof. Ing. Ph.D Francesco Fassi
Arch. Ph.D Alessandro Mandelli
(Politecnico di Milano –3D Survey Group)

Dott. Ph.D Marta Caroselli
(SUPSI – Istituto materiali e costruzioni
Dipartimento ambiente costruzioni e design)

Ing. Ph.D Fausta Fiorillo
(Università degli studi di Salerno – DICIV)

Ken Marquardt
Dott. Maurizio Cesprini
(Canova Association)
With the welcome participation of:
Arch. Paola Gardin
Arch. Paolo Volorio

With the welcome support of:

Ing. Arch. Maurizio Di Stefano
ICOMOS Italia President

Prof. Stefano Della Torre
(Politecnico di Milano – Director Dep. A.B.C)

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