SMART Culture Project – Regione Lombardia

It is just ended the Smart Culture Project, financed by Regione Lombardia, within the framework of the FESR-POR Competitività 2007-13.

The case studied was the Pietà Rondanini statue by Michelangelo, surveyed to obtain a 1:1 model to insert in a ad hoc system created for the visualization of its geometrical, diagnostica and monitoring data. Thanks to the collaboration between the ABC, CMIC and FIS department of Politecnico di Milano, it was possible to carry forward a study focused on the procedures for the registration, alignment and integration  of several data, surveyed with different methodologies and instruments. The visualization, consultation and storaging need brought to the realization of a system that support Cultural Heritage real-based model, easy to use and adaptable to specific needs of time and different operators.

The built ad hoc system for the Pietà Rondanini described here is an extension of BIM3DSG system, realized to support the restoration and conservation activities of Milan’s Cathedral. The via web consultation (, is now open only with login and password, consultable and integrable now and in future to the scientific community. The visualisazion is possible only through a common web browser that does not require the installation of any specific software. IT is possible to upload and visualize the models questioning them to know the information, the historical notes, the images, the specific information about the intervents, follow the evolution of the activities in progress on the object. The “paradata” section contains the information about the survey operations (instrumental features and acquisition parameters): the “metadata” section contains the geometrical and general data of the statue. The analysis (multispectral imaging, microscopy, raman) can be visualized on the 3D models with a hot spot system which, when selected, remind to images, graphics, tabels, and textual informations.




3D Survey Group – ABC department

Prof.ssa Cristiana Achille

Prof. Fassi

Ph.D. Alessandro Mandelli

FIS department

Prof. Gianluca Valentini

Ph.D. Candidate Sara Mosca

Research fellow Valentina Capogrosso

C.M.I.C. department

Prof.ssa Lucia Toniolo

Ph.D. Sara Goidanich

Ph.D. Davide Gulotta

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