Summerschool “Laboratory of Place 2015”

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Laboratory of Place 2015 . Ghesc and surroundings. History, survey, evolution . Summer School: Surveying Cultural Heritage

Date and Location: July 27 to August 5, 2015 in Ghesc (Locality near Montecrestese in the Ossola Valley, Italy)

The course is part of the multidisciplinary project ‘Laboratory of Place’ involving the Canova Association and the Polytechnic of Milan in partnership with national and international centers of higher learning collaborating in a series of summer workshops.

“Laboratory of Place” proposes experimental techniques and methods for interdisciplinary knowledge and the preservation of historic and architectural heritage of the Ossola Valley area.

The three main areas of focus:

  • Geometric survey techniques (main topic of the course) designed for three-dimensional reconstruction of ancient buildings and the extraction of all metric information useful in planning reconstruction and restoration.
  • Understanding building materials.
  • The identification of ancient building techniques.

The object of the study is a stone building in the abandoned village of Croppomarcio. The participants, divided into groups, will deal with 3D surveying of the building, the extraction of metric and material information from the acquired data information with the aim to understand the original morphology and provide a preliminary project for the recovery and reuse of the structure.

The aim of the course is to provide the minimum theoretical tools and insights on latest techniques, with evening workshops.

Theoretical notes on architecture in the Ossola area, on construction techniques and use of traditional materials will also be highlighted. Practical activities will be structured so that each participant can experience first hand the various survey techniques using a variety of equipment and software. The major focus will be on operational issues related to the measurement technique using TLS (Terrestrial Laser Scanner), the processing of the acquired data for the extraction of plans, sections and the creation of 3D models. Simultaneously, close-range photogrammetric methods will be presented, focusing training activities on three-dimensional reconstruction of the site from images and the production of photogrammetric classics such as photo-plans and ortho-photos. UAV for high view documentation it is also in program.

Knowledge of the natural and artificial stone materials will be deepened through the petrographic and mineralogical characterization and through the study of the causes of degradation mechanisms. In particular, the analysis of ancient mortars and plasters will allow the determination of the characteristics and the origin of their components, a useful support for the study of material culture.


The course is open to students of architecture, archeology and  engineering as well as professionals in Cultural Heritage and the Historic Preservation sector.

The Laboratory of Place can be a valuable source for those interested in deepening their own personal understanding of the latest survey and representation methods as well as its utilization in a contemporary business practice.


More info in the downloadable flyer or please contact:

Prof. Francesco Fassi – or prof.ssa Cristiana Achille –

Official information can be also found on the Politecnico websites:

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