Laboratory of Places 2011-2016

In 2011 the 3DSurvey Laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with the Canova Association, initiated an annual summer school program entitled ‘Laboratory of Places 2017, Ghesc and surroundings, History, survey, evolution Laboratory of Places‘. Canova Association is an international non-profit organization founded in 2001 in the medieval village of Canova, Oira di Crevoladossola, Italy.  The principle goal of the Canova Association is the preservation and enhancement of rural medieval stone architecture. Art and architecture intertwine, stimulating research and debate, revolving around the conviction that old stone construction can offer adequate if not superior models in our search today for sustainable human dwelling solutions.  The continuing insensitivity to this fact is resulting in indiscriminate demolition and renovation, forever cancelling the precious heritage of rural stone architecture in Italy and Europe. The intention and goal of the Canova Association are to reverse this tendency, carrying out activities aimed at sensitizing both the public and private sector.

In recent years, the field schools take place in the suggestive medieval abandoned village of Ghesc. It is a village consisting of seven stone houses across the river from Canova. First documented in the 13th century, it has been abandoned for about 100 years. Large trees grew up are living within the walls of the houses, and the place exudes a charming air of mystery. Ghesc is the ideal stage for what we like to call the “Infinite Laboratory,” and is the playing field of the International Canova Field School program.

The primary goal of the ‘Laboratory of Places, Ghesc and surroundings – History, survey, evolution‘ is to create a collaborative experience involving students, teachers, and members of the association and local community to contribute to the documentation of Ghesc, thereby actively participating in its rediscovery and preservation.

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The next event is scheduled for August 2017!

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