S. Andrea’s Basilica Concattedrale, Nartece’s survey – Mantova

The survey of S. Andrea Church’s monumental facade and atrium – To support the knowledge and the restoration site for the “nartece” – was realized through several relief’s campaign.

The first one brought the realization of nartece’s significant sections and other elaboration – always taken from laser scanner survey – and the realization of digital ortophoto. All these processing were necessary as support to the restoration site’s project. The second campaign, again laser scanner, was carried out with high-resolution instrumentation due to survey the left vault fissures.

It was also realized a façade and nartece’s 3D model based on the laser scanner survey and mapped using ortophoto. For the pronao’s 3D model realization it was used a multi-resolution acquisition technique based on different laser instrumentation’s integration. It was realized a general model with an acquisition grill of one point every 4 mm, simultaneously it was generated a second 3D model with high definition that allows the volumetric elements’ definition (voxel) of sub-millimetric size for the fissure chart’s determination. The topographic survey overview of all the structure let to record all the informations and to have all the different data typologies georeferenced in a unique topographic geodatabase of the complex.

Immagine1 Immagine2

09_tavola S Andrea1_140x100 10_tavola S Andrea2_140x100

evoluzione tecniche le volte

fessurativo 4 quadro fessurativo2


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