Ducal Palace in Sabbioneta, Mantova

The wooden ceilings on the main floor of the Ducal Palace in Sabbioneta , Mantova

On the main floor of the Ducal Palace there are the four rooms called Lion’s Room, Angel’s Hall, Octagons Hall and Clusters’ Hall. In these rooms, the wooden ceilings in cedar of Lebanon were left in their natural colour, without the application of gold coatings, as in the other palace’s rooms. This is a series of exceptional works, sculpted in fine wood with extreme quality and unprecedented richness.

The survey’s elaborations produced to allow an exhaustive study of the shape of Ducal Palace’s monumental wooden ceilings complex are:

  • A general planimetry of the ceiling coffers system with reverse view of the environments – in that elaboration the principal elements of the coffer are represented without decorations;
  • Significant sections of the slab’s complex, limited by the visible profiles of the environment’s intrados and obtained directly in a semiautomatic way from the 3D scans with detail taken from the cloud acquired there;
  • Digital photogrammetric restitution of the slab’s intradoses through digital ortophoto of the slabs, realized on the coffers framework’s middle plan;
  • Determination of the slab’s deformations from the horizontal middle plan through a contour lines representation.

The survey’s precision is given by the nominal 1:50 scale, with the elements representation at 1:20 scale to let the detailed individuation of all the decorative system.





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