About us

3DSurveyGroup is a scientifc unit, part of the ABC Department (ABC-Architecture, Built environment and construction engineering) of Politecnico di Milano.




The main topics of its research activities are methodologies and technologies for survey and 3D reconstruction mainly in the field of Cultural Heritage and Environments.  Specifically its competences cover the following domains:
  1. Architectural/Archaeological 3D survey methodologies (Topography, Aerial, Terrestrial and UAV Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning). 3DSurveyGroup has many years of experience in the field of measure and survey for Cultural Heritage operating in Italy for the greatest Monumental Italian Heritages.
  2. 3D real based modelling and BIM processes;
  3. 3D GIS and cartography;
  4. Structures monitoring;
  5. Virtual reality with the Oculos tool.
Since years, 3DSurveyGroups have successful partnerships with external companies, academicals and associations, developing technical and cultural projects.
The staff are members of ICOMOS Italy.

3DSurveyGroup – Milano

HE.SU.Tech – Mantova

External Partners


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